Audio Routing using Symnet Composer

In case of NGTC DSP hardware, the audio routing is done by using the Symetrix Symnet Composer. Please make sure all your Dante and AES67 devices that are connected to the network and are online. You might check this using Dante Controller.

Channel assignment

Create a 8 channel network AES67 receive module:

  1. In “Tools” open “Network I/O Manager”
  2. Select the corresponding bus and select “Edit Dante Bus”
  3. Check “External Network Device Name” and Browse AES67
  4. Pick the stream and Select AES67 Stream
  5. Insert the stream receiving module in the DSP’s configuration and connects its audio connections

Picture Picture

This will connect the MCP4kR2 AES67 stream to the DSP while going online. There is no need to use the Dante Controller to do the connection.