Control API

This section describes the communication protocol between the control system and the 32140PWR

Connection TCP/HTTP (NGTC-32140PWR is HTTP server), Port 80
Command Format IP/0CXQRB2XQ3KD7XB/nexgentec.fcgi?action=action&param=value

Multiple parameters and values must be sent like: …?action=21&channel=1&name=MySpeaker


All commands must be sent as standard HTTP requests including headers, the server responds with a reply header and a JSON data table
Server will close the connection once replied, to keep the connection open set the keep-alive flag in the request header


Use any browser to test the communication"


Communication Action Parameter Example
Request 0
Reply {“version”: “1.0.0”, “api-version”: “N3”,“fpga-version”: “2.2.0-d51c0cc4-#1040”,
“serial”: “240818000117”,“type”: 1,“type-string”: “32140PWR”,“channel”: 32}