SDM is a Dante™ and AES67 enabled “software defined matrix” for nexgentec™ audio distribution solution or any other solution that uses Dante™ and/or AES67


  • Software defined matrixing, channels are routed directly on the network using Dante™’s DAPI.
  • Unlimited number of Dante™ and/or AES67 devices supported.* **
  • Unlimited number of Dante™ and/or AES67 channels supported.* **
  • Creates routings from Dante™ and/or AES67 transmitter channels to Dante™ receivers.
  • Deletes routings from Dante™ receivers.
  • Supports single or batch routing operations.
  • TCP and HTTP API for 3rd party control.
  • Integrates with Symetrix SymNet devices for automated matrixing.
  • Preset support for channel map presets.
  • Syslog support

* Depends on hardware resources.
** Depends on mDNS limitations, DAPI limitations and hardware resource availability. Audinate recommends no more than 300 devices in a system.
NGT-SDM-A32 is limited to up to 32 Dante™ devices
NGT-SDM-A64 is limited to up to 64 Dante™ devices
NGT-SDM-AUNL is intended to work with up to 2500 devices, more available on request

Product Codes and Variations

  • NGT-SDM-A32BDL01 bundle contains the softwares NGT-SDM-A32, NGT-HWM and hardware NGT-SDM-APU2
  • NGT-SDM-A64BDL01 bundle contains the softwares NGT-SDM-A64, NGT-HWM and hardware NGT-SDM-APU2
  • NGT-SDM-AUBDL01 bundle contains the softwares NGT-SDM-AUNL, NGT-HWM and hardware NGT-SDM-APU2
  • NGT-SDM-APU2U1 option contains OS update service for NGT-SDM-APU2 (Yearly subscription)


  • Half rack width and one rack unit high
  • Powered with included power supply, 12V DC, about 6 to 12W depending on CPU load

![Picture](../../images/sdm_sideshow.png" title=“NGT-SDM-APU2” >}}