Internet access

Why does SDM need Internet access?

  • Since we live in an unpredictable world we have to protect our paying customers. Therefore we check the SDM license at least every 7 days. This avoids software piratery and allows us getting enough financial resources to further develop sdm and provide future support.
  • We do monitor all relevant parameters for continuous operation. Software is always written by humans and may contain bugs like a memory leak. Without monitoring we are not able to act before you even take a notice that there is an issue.

How frequent does SDM need Internet access?

At least every 7 days a successful license check must be possible. If not SDM stops working

What if I do not agree?

Send the SDM device back to where you bought it. We have no intention to change our mind.

What if I think that this could be done better?

Sure we listen, just give us a call.