The NGTC-BTI is a universal Bluetooth® AES67 enabled audio interface for the Genesis Technologies™ audio distribution solution.

It features an API for navigation, configuration and management.

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The NGTC-BTI is a Bluetooth 5.0 to AES67 audio gateway that can be used in sink or source mode. It supports all current audio codes and it is compatible with all the different Bluetooth sources and sinks. It has 2x2 AES67 channels with an interface for audio processing by the NGTC digital signal processor.

It can be easily interfaced with 3rd party control systems via the API on the communication control network port.

It is powered by POE on the AES67 port. Its own web UI is used to configure the AES67 interface. The additional LAN port is only used for control and can be configured by web UI.