SDM can help you diagnose several shortcomings in the network

IGMP Querier

Dante™ networks do need a correctly set IGMP Querier

  • A switch need to broadcast a IGMP Querier every 30 seconds
  • The sending switch must be not on the periphere, ideally it’s the one switch which is in the destination path of most of the multicasts. Usually a core switch
  • IGMP Querier version must be V3 if only Dante™ devices are used, V2 if Dante™ and AES67 devices are used

The status of a IGMP Querier can be sniffed on the page Diag > IGMP QUerier

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Once you selected the Interface capture begins

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What to check?

  • Is there something printed at all?
  • Is there something printed after 70 seconds?
  • Compare timestamps, is the querier appearing every 30 seconds?
  • Is the IP address really the designated switch?

Dante™ Clocking

Dante™ networks use PTP for time synchronization.

  • A correctly set IGMP Querier is needed (see above)
  • Switches need eventually a configuration on how to deal with PTP
  • In larger networks QOS need to be setup

The clocking status of all dante devices can be sniffed on the page Diag > Dante Clocking

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What to check?

  • One Master (Leader) clock
  • After a while all Dante™ devices must be listed