Firmware updates can be downloaded directly with the updater tool. If on site no internet is available do not forget to download previously

Fimrware & Updater

How to update

  1. Download updater

  2. Disable Windows Firewall on the interface which connects to the same network as the amp

  3. Start update software

  4. Select Firmware. Picture Picture

  5. Click on the row for each device to display the firmwares available

Picture Picture

  1. Hit Download to download the desired version or just download the latest one.

Picture Picture

  1. Once the firmware desired is downloaded go back to Devices If the devide is not listed it can be added using +DEVICE NOT IN LIST. If the device is shown already skip the next 2 steps

Picture Picture

  1. Click on the row which shows the network card of your computer that is in the same network as the device. BASE ADDRESS will be autofilled with the corresponding network address.
    Alternatively add the device by typing its IP adress into IP ADDRESS and press ADD DEVICE

Picture Picture

  1. Once the device is listed selet UPDATE MANAGER

Picture Picture

  1. Select which version the device should be updated to and hit UPDATE

Picture Picture

  1. Wait for the update to finish. It can take several minutes.